Download STLs of Lumafield CT scans

Lumafield's Voyager software offers rich visualization and analysis tools for industrial CT scans. It also features a mesh export tool, allowing engineers to use scan data in other workflows including highly detailed 3D prints that capture both external and internal features.


Scan object with Lumafield Voyager CT scanner


Use Lumafield's cloud-based Voyager software to visualize, analyze, and share scan data


Export STL mesh model from Voyager


Use any 3D printer to create an accurate model of internal and external features


CT scanners like the Lumafield Neptune generate volumetric, or voxel, data that's much richer than a mesh model. We recommend conducting analysis in Voyager, where you'll have access to the original model in full detail, and exporting to a mesh file when you need to use CT data with a 3D printer.

To learn more about using CT for your applications, explore Lumafield's technology and contact us to consult an expert.

Available files

Sectioned rhinoceros beetle

The same scan of a large beetle, sectioned longitudinally to reveal internal structures

PlayStation DualSense controller

Explore the original scan in Voyager

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